Friday, July 5, 2013

Interactive Math Notebooks

Last year, I started using interactive math notebooks with my second graders.  After a lot of research and trial and error, I got a good grasp on how to really use these notebooks to deepen my students' understanding of the Common Core math standards. 

So...I am going to share these lovely ideas and examples with you all!  To get started all you need right away is each student to have a notebook.  I prefer 100 pages.

Day 1:

Before we began the first entry, I introduced the math journals by telling my students that they are in for a big treat.  I make them promise that they will love this math journal and really try and build up a bunch of excitement about it. 
My second-graders love markers (and I kind of hate them) so when I tell them that they can use my markers to decorate their notebooks, I have them hooked right away.  I pass out a bunch of Sharpies or permanent markers and let the kids go to town.  All I really need their cover to have on it is their name and the word MATH somewhere. J
After the covers are completed, students turn to the first page and write TABLE OF CONTENTS on the top.  Each journal should be numbered and added in here so students can refer back to various journals when needed easily.   Each journal entry requires two pages (a left and right side), but they have the same title and page number. 

This is a good time to review the expectations.  I explain that after each entry, students will be assessing their understanding with a face(frown, smiley, or straight face).  I tell them that I use this to help me know who needs what type of extra support or challenge.  I’ve found students are very honest with these and enjoy being able to “secretly” tell me how they’re feeling about the new concept.
On the inside back cover, I give each student a ribbon to glue down partially  that is used as a bookmark.  I have also used a paperclip or binder clip as an alternative bookmark. 

Check it out in my store and keep your eyes open for more tips and implementation advice throughout the summer.


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